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COVID19 Update

We hope this finds you and your loved ones well. We have missed you and your smile during the pandemic and look forward to seeing you again before too long.

Our commitment to your dental health and overall safety has always been and will continue to be a top priority. Our office follows regulations and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the American Dental Society (ADA) and the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) . We have been busy insuring compliance with recent recommendations and changes and will need your cooperation to implement them fully.

Below you will find changes and additions to our usual protocol to keep our patients and staff safe and comfortable. Please familiarize yourself with these changes before your next visit. Feel free to call the office if you have any questions.

  • You will need to answer a series of COVID19 screening questions, both when your appointment is confirmed 24 hours prior and again when you arrive for your appointment. If you have any symptoms of illness, your appointment will be rescheduled.
  • To insure proper social distancing when you arrive, please stay in your car until you are invited into the office for screening. Please wear your mask, if you do not have one, we will give you one.
  • A staff member will dispense hand sanitizer for you, take your temperature, check your oxygen level and confirm the COVID19 screening questions again. You will then be escorted directly to the treatment room. Please leave your mask on until treatment begins. You will be given a mouth rinse to swish prior to treatment.
  • Generally, there will only be two patients in the building at one time, and we ask that unless absolutely necessary, no one accompany you to your appointment. No visitors will be allowed in the treatment area.
  • You will notice all staff have masks and possibly face shields on at all times— be assured we are smiling underneath and are happy to see you!
  • We will be managing appointments in this manner until the end of the COVID crisis and the CDC relaxes their recommendations. This is a cumbersome and costly process, but results are positive.

As always, we value your confidence in us and we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we wait to determine when we can begin scheduling your dental care again.



Air Filtration is one of the key mitigating factors to making an indoor environment safe, and we’ve got plenty!

The CDC guidelines recommends the use of one or more air quality control methods and recommends a minimum of 6 complete environmental air exchanges per hour.  Despite the fact that we have no open windows on the ground floor, we have FOUR means of air filtration and purification which provide us with almost 10 complete changes per hour(!), and most of that air is already clean before being exchanged.  Our clean air engineering consists of the following:

  1. External air exchange system is running automatically to bring fresh air from outside, temperature corrected and then circulated throughout the building.
  1. UVC air scrubbing unit has been installed into the ductwork— this unit sterilizes the air as it enters the blower system, emitting cleaned air through the heating and cooling system. UVC kills both viruses and bacteria as the air passes through the chamber.
  1. External ventilation is on continuously in the clinic area, this takes stale indoor air and expels it to the outdoors, and so adds to the continuous air turnover.
  1. Dedicated air purification unit in each treatment room. In each treatment room, you will find a white machine that looks a bit like R2D2 from Star Wars; these are air purification units from Surgically Clean Air Company.   These are state of the art hospital/industrial grade filtration systems that filter three ways: chemical air pollutants, particulate matter such as dust and dander, and organic matter such as viruses and bacteria.  Each of these units takes in air and filters it using UVC, HEPA filters, and charcoal filtration.

These engineering controls were placed for your safety, rest assured the air in our building is as clean as is possible!  As usual, all our surfaces and instruments are treated at the level of hospital grade disinfection and sterilization.  We wear a fresh clean lab coat for each patient, and while in the building, we always have our high-level masks on.  We want everyone to be safe, whether you are in the building for 30 minutes, or like us, for eight hours.  You might find it feels cooler in the building since the air is in constant motion, so bring an extra layer to wear if you tend to feel a chill.


We look forward to seeing you!